Full CalendarLaunch of Truck Stop Gourmet Eatery: The Streets of Chester!

Mon, Oct 21st, 2013

Location: The Streets of Chester Shopping Center
270 US 206 South, Chester

We are proud to annouce the launch of the new "Truck Stop Gourmet Eatery": 

Come experience a hip, urban street food scene (in an indoor setting) among the elegant shops of "The Streets of Chester" Shopping Center. An exciting gourmet experience that brings the latest food trends from the cities to the suburbs.

This unique restaurant offers a wide variety of culinary creations from three food trucks, each with their own signature items:

*Rosie's:  The Man Sandwich (with premium spit roasted meats such as prime rib and pork porchetta)
*Le Grid's: Filled Liege Waffles and Fabulous Fries
*Chop Chop:  Korean Beef and Asian Cuisine

There is also a Street Cafe called "Du Jour" and a "Farm Boy" salad & juice stand.

All "Truck Stop Gourmet Eatery" menus offer real food that is lovingly prepared on site, with nothing processed.

STOP IN and TASTE our free samples!